Workshops and Residencies

Sheila Kerrigan portraitSheila teaches workshops and conducts residencies for students from grade 3 to graduate school and for professionals.

For College Students & Professionals:

  • Collaborative Creative Process for Performers
  • Community-Based Performance; Where Art and Activism Intersect

    Overall, this has been one of the best classes that I have taken at Duke! Sheila Kerrigan has created a class that holistically builds up each student and combines the arts, social issues/analysis, leadership, and personal/group development.

  • Community-Based Art for Social Change

For High School & College Students &Professionals:

  • Movement for the Actor
  • Body Language and Non-Verbal Communication

For Adolescents

  • Creating Original Performance
For Teachers:
Thank you again…! Each time I attend, I learn several new strategies that I can apply to my teaching at UNCW.

The Games We Can Play session, led by  Sheila, was very valuable, because it taught us how to use movement to help children conceptualize and remember math and science content. The teachers in our group were lots of fun and very willing to take risks and participate in this hands on workshop!

  • Integrating Theatre Arts, English & Social Studies in Grades 4-8
  • Creating a Cooperative Classroom Through Drama in Grades 4-8 (Developed through the Kennedy Center)
  • How Drama Elicits Details and Elaboration, Figurative Writing and Poetry, Grades 4-8
  • Creativity: What Is It? How Do I Recognize It When It’s Happening? and How Do I Teach It?

“This was one of the most passion-filled, personable (or personally honoring) & pragmatic workshops/conferences I have attended.”

Sheila is a founder of the Southeast Center for Arts Integration, which conducts professional development sessions for teachers and teaching artists. For more information about the scope, theory and practice, go to:

Southeast Center for Arts Integration

For Teaching Artists:

  • Integrating Your Art with the Curriculum
For Adults and Children over 9 years old:
  • Mime
  • Juggling
For Students in Grades 4-12:
  • Collaborative Creative Process
  • Mime
For Students in Grades 3-5:
  • Communicate! Cooperate! Mime!
  • Mime & Poetry Writing
  • Mime & Narrative Writing
  • Exploring Figures from Local, State, or NationalHistory Through Drama

In November, 2009, Sheila team-taught a mime-and-writing residency for fourth graders at Winget Park Elementary in Charlotte, NC, through the ArtStart program. One teacher she worked with wrote:

“My students are adding more details to their written work. They are reading with more expression….My students were highly engaged in the activities…, I did not have any misbehaving in the class…I had 100% attendance during my artstart residency for the majority of the time.”

(photo by Steve Clarke)

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