For Performers

Individual Coaching on Creating Your Best Work & Performing it Brilliantly

If you have been struggling to turn your brilliant idea into an equally brilliant performance, bring what you have to my studio, and let’s move it forward together.

Collaborative Creative Process for Performers

DancersThis residency leads students through a collaborative creative process from setting group guidelines, choosing an initial idea and gathering material about it to performing their finished piece. They follow a structure for making progress on the piece. They create original performance material by improvising, writing, discussing, researching, and re-writing. They practice positive critiques. They learn about group dynamics and healthy group practices such as equitable power-sharing, trust-building and consensus decision-making. As they progress from a simple idea to a composition in time and space that communicates intellectually, kinesthetically, and emotionally with an audience, they learn the fundamental, liberating truth that they can create their own worlds using their bodies and imaginations. They contact and release the power of their imaginations. People who rely on others to create and perform together learn that they can recreate their lives together.

National Core Arts Standards: Cr.1 Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work. Cr.2 Organize and develop artistic ideas and work. Cr. 3 Refine and complete artistic work. Pr.6.1 Convey meaning through artistic work.


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