Mime Who Talks Performs with Mallarmé Chamber Players

Sheila performed as Pippi Longstocking with harpsichordist Elaine Funaro of the Mallarmé Chamber Players.  Elaine played composer Paul Whetstone’s “Pippi Goes Bela-Cycling,” an homage to the music of Béla Bartók and the stories of Astrid Lindgren about Pippi, the girl who lives all alone (except for her monkey, Mr. Nilsson, and her horse). Sheila also performed with the ensemble a piece by Jean-Philipe Rameau called, “Le Pantomime.” (How apt!)  Sheila and Mallarmé performed the show at two schools and Duke Gardens. Fun, fun, fun! Here is an excerpt from the Duke Gardens show–Pippi making pancakes. (Click on the link:)

Pippi Makes Pancakes
(Steve Clarke, video)

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