Mime Explains String Theory!

Sheila Kerrigan is the mime who can’t find a box she fits inside.

A whimsical, silly, and serious journey through life

The mime starts before birth, ends after death, and toddles unsteadily through the thirteen stages of woman. She is born, she crawls, walks, runs, and revels in the joys of living in a body. Adolescence hits her with a feather boa and heels. She falls in love, becomes a mother, and raises a child. She suffers loss, accidentally discovers the meaning of life, and struggles to communicate it.

It’s a talking mime show. It’s a serious comedy with quirky humor, uplifting surprises,  puppetry, metaphysics, and metaphor. It looks at the arc and cycle of life in a way that is especially meaningful for older audiences. It leaves audiences with that rising feeling.

The Mime with BoaWhat people have said about it:

“I laughed till I cried!”

“It was brilliant!”

“I loved the story.”

“It was deep. I could see the web that connects us all.”

“It was a touching, amazing and moving performance.” 

“The things we cannot see become visible.”

“Beautifully done–downright poetic.”

(Photos by Steve Clarke)

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