Community-based Art for Social Change

change workshop

Community artists and activists convene for a learning exchange to investigate issues and resources for creating desired change in the community. Developed through Sheila Kerrigan’s work as a lead facilitator with Alternate ROOTS’ Resources for Social Change, ( ) the learning exchange incorporates principles of shared power, open dialogue, an aesthetic that embraces multiple perspectives, and equal partnership to effect personal and community transformation. The learning exchange is experiential and uses arts processes to explore issues and build community.


  • experience arts-based activities while exploring issues involved in working as an artist and/or activist in community;
  • develop an artistic response to the challenges they encounter in their community-based art work;
  • connect with other participants and plan further exploration of challenges and issues together.

What community artist-activists in Charlotte, NC, wrote about this Learning Exchange:

“Clear instruction and handouts, which I can use almost immediately. Skilled instructor and thoughtful execution of the exercises.”

“The story circle gave me deeper insight into how we as artists are/should be involved in making social change. Hearing some of the stories articulated made the importance of our roles so much more evident.”

(Photo by Jeff Mather)


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