Creating a Cooperative Classroom for Learning through Drama in Grades 4-8

Especially for teachers who want to use movement and drama in the classroom to teach Science, Social Studies, and English Language Arts, this experiential workshop demonstrates how to guide students to move in the classroom safely and with control. Sheila includes techniques that build collaborative learning skills into a classroom norm. Teachers gain an understanding of how to lead movement-based exploration of curricular objectives in their classroom. They take home a guide to leading the activities they take part in during the workshop. This workshop was developed during a Kennedy Center training.

Teachers enact the crucial moment in the William Tell story.

What a Kennedy Center evaluator said about this workshop:

“Well-planned, fabulous, engaging, with the right touch of humor–you got tired teachers up and excited.”


Curricular Connections: NCSCoS-ELA Speaking and Listening, Comprehension and Collaboration K-12.1 Prepare for and participate effectively in a range of conversations and collaborations with diverse partners, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.


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