Integrating Your Art with State Educational Standards

Artists who work in school classrooms need to adapt to the current standards-based, testing-intense culture. Teachers don’t feel they have time to deviate from their curriculum. In this workshop, teaching artists experience a fully-integrated, arts-based lesson. They find natural connections that match what they do in their art workshops to goals and objectives teachers must teach in the current state standards. They become aware of how they already teach to multiple intelligences and foster 21st-Century skills. They begin to craft a residency plan that speaks to teachers in the language they understand. They construct assessment tools so students and teachers know and can demonstrate what they have learned from the residency.  Asheville A+ Camp Photos - 32

This workshop originated with the Durham Arts Council (NC) and evolved with my work with the A-Plus Schools Program in NC, OK, and MD, and with the Southeast Center for Arts Integration.

What teaching artists have written about this workshop:

“It was valuable for me to connect with other artists and to be reminded of the essential ingredients to creating effective courses for the public schools.”

“Excellent workshops! Great planning.”

“I learned a great deal of information that I didn’t know about school’s educational requirement.”

“I appreciate your engaging facilitation skills and your continuous focus on the artists’ needs.”

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