The Scientific Mime

This workshop, for Pre-K–3rd-grade or 4–8th-grade teachers, gives the tools to teach abstract scientific concepts in a concrete, embodied way. It will help you and your students get physical while exploring physical science. A mime can show and deal with invisible forces, like gravity, electricity, & magnetism. A clown tripping is a clear example of an object in motion encountering a change in its motion when it is acted upon by another object. Mimes like to become animate and inanimate objects and explore them as characters–why does the moon always gaze at the earth, revolve around her, and hide her face and then reveal it again? Learn some simple mime techniques–push-pull, stillness, isolation–and some new approaches that will engage your students in learning and provide a way in for your kinesthetic learners.

The Scientific Mime – was amazing and soooo much fun! We learned ways for students to explore science concepts in a way that directly relates to them – using their bodies to create movement, force, momentum, etc. I really enjoyed experiencing how miming relates to these complex ideas.


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